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    QuickBooks Not-for-Profit Edition

Whether you're running a charity or any kind of Not-for-Profit organisation, there's a customised edition of QuickBooks 2003 that's just for you. Specially created for the Not-for-Profit sector this edition has a full range of enhancements and customised features that include membership and donation tracking, advanced budgeting and Fund Accounting. Helping you to help others more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

MembershipFund Accounting

QuickBooks Not-for-Profit Edition
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Get paid and pay others faster

You work with familiar cheques, invoices and other business forms on-screen
All the tracking and accounting is done behind the scenes
You only enter your data once - so there are fewer errors
It's easy to track members, donors and contributions accurately

Easily manage all members, donors, and volunteers and recognise their contributions

Track your members and donors (including donors who leave legacies in their wills)
Instantly send a thank-you note when you enter a pledge, donation or membership fee
Track all your projects, funds and activities separately
Easily tie in-kind donations to an asset account for accurate fund reporting (restricted or unrestricted funds, for example)
Conveniently enter information about donors or members as they join the organisation
View all your member and donor activity in one report

Always know how your organisation is doing

Track all your income and expenses by restricted / unrestricted funds, as required by the Charity Commission
Run the 'Statement of Financial Activities' report designed specifically for Not-for-Profit organisations
QuickBooks Centres give you a snapshot of all your important information - and help you make the right decisions for your organisation.
Not-for-Profit / Charity Edition Feature list
Specific help for not-for-profit / Charity organisations
Email forms (donation and funds tracking)
Donors and members tracking
Specific reports for charities
Real Language, Question-based help
Track Cash, Bank and Credit Card Accounts
Preset specific chart of accounts
Manage Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Track all income and expenses by project
Customisable Invoicing and Statements
VAT Management
Data Backup Options for files, Archive Data
Form printing options
Preset 125+ Business Reports and Graphs
Integrated Payroll (subscription required) 
Merchant Credit Card Service
Create a Budget
Microsoft® Word and Excel Integration
Time Tracking, Job Costing, Multiple Estimates
Journal entry options / password protected closing date
Reconciliation reports from previous periods
Share report templates
QuickBooks Payroll Service requires a separate fee on annual basis, and is subject to separate terms and conditions.
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