QuickBooks 2006 - More than just bookkeeping QuickBooks 2006 QuickBooks 2006: Payroll - VAT - Small Business Accounts - Invoice
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QuickBooks 2006 - Payroll - VAT - Small Business Accounts - Invoice
QuickBooks 2006
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QuickBooks Customer Manager

Features Standalone Integrated with QuickBooks
Fast and easy 5-step start-up wizard
Free 30 days online support
See Frequently Asked Questions on every screen
Link customers and suppliers to projects
Track relationships among customers referrals, suppliers and projects
Customisable data fields
Filter and sort contact lists, to-do lists, project lists or history
Schedule appointments and reminders
Turn pop-up alerts into a letter or e-mail message
Launch emails or letters with pre-filled addresses
Attach files such as letters, faxes, e-mails and spreadsheets to customer records
Integrates with MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express
Store multiple addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses per customer
One view of your customer, contact and financial data  
View customerís open balances and revenues  
Link to specific financial transactions in QuickBooks  
One-click access to both financial and non-financial data  
Eliminate double entry of customer information  
Find your most profitable customers  


QuickBooks 2006
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