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QuickBooks Customer Manager

QuickBooks 2006

QuickBooks Customer Manager - Manage your customers and streamline your business

QuickBooks Customer Manager puts you a mouse click away from everything you need to know about every customer you have! All project, appointment, financial and contact information is accessible from one screen and fully integrated with QuickBooks and Outlook. Only good things happen when your business is this streamlined.

Fast, worry free set up

Easy to use help features so you can find information faster. You can quickly learn everything you need to know through the QuickBooks inbuilt help files.

  • Know at a glance what each of your customers is worth

  • Be more productive! Never type customer details more than once or search for information in different places

  • Be more organized and focused in as little as 30 minutes

It's easy to set up and use!

  • 5 easy steps to set up

  • FAQs on every screen

  • It's easy to set up and use!

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QuickBooks Customer Manager  System Requirements
QuickBooks Customer Manager  Features list

QuickBooks Customer Manager - Key Features

  • Integrates with QuickBooks 2004, 2005 and 2006 or runs as a standalone package

  • Easy to learn, set up and use

  • Easy one-click access to all customer data

  • View all contact and historic information, on one screen

  • Access on-screen help

  • Keep all customer information together on one screen

  • See pop-up alerts for important to-dos and appointments

  • At-a-glance Big Picture for Every Customer

  • Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook

  • Quickly Identify Good/Better/Best Customers

  • Schedule Appointments, Reminders and To-dos

  • Track Key Project Information

  • Customizable Data Fields

  • Attach Relevant Files to Customer Records

  • Track Important Business Relationships

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